Instagress Alternatives: What You Should Know Before Selecting a New Growth-Automation Service

Instagress, the beloved Instagram growth-automation service that countless celebrities, bloggers, and artists used to elevate their Instagram pages to new heights has been shut down, leaving thousands of users urgently searching for alternative ways to automate their organic growth.

You may have been one of those users – looking for a way to grow your followers quickly, but without risking the integrity of your account. You needed something effective and safe and you needed it to work as soon as possible.

So you considered your options, read a ton of marketing blogs and reviews (or none at all), and concluded that if you wanted to hit your time-sensitive goals on social media, you needed a little help getting there: enter Instagress.

Why Instagress Was Shutdown

Instagress had all the right components to draw the attention of eager brands looking to grow their followers: organic engagement, no fake accounts, targeted customization, and timeliness. It was the real deal; and for many it was their main driver of growth.

So then why did Instagram request the closure of Instagress?

Well, let’s quickly consider what Instagram has been trying to do recently. For one, they just introduced their new business tools, providing users with valuable analytics and the ability to turn Instagram posts into ads directly from the app itself. A move that signals Instagram’s desire to build tools and solutions that help their users grow their audiences.


With these tools, Instagram expects to gradually steer users away from third-party applications and funnel them into their own (and more expensive) native platforms – fair, but certainly at the expense of businesses like Instagress.

Searching For An Instagress Alternative

Instagress, like other premium Instagram growth-automation services, was as popular as it was not because it simply grew the total number of followers on your Instagram page, but because it targeted the right types of users and helped you engage with them as well.

Growth-automation allows you to input details about your audience, like popular hashtags, competitor usernames, and even locations, and then build an automated campaign to like, follow, and target each of those details.

Best Alternative: SocialUpgrade

Services like SocialUpgrade continue to fill the void left by Instagress, offering users a powerful alternative that is just as simple to use.


Think of growth-automation as an army of social media interns navigating through Instagram, liking, following, and engaging with the types of users that you’d love to have as one of your own followers. Pretty cool, right?


That’s why growth-automation is so popular. And that’s why Instagress alternatives like SocialUpgrade will continue to help brands and individuals maintain positive growth trends on their Instagram accounts.

A final reminder: Once you’ve replaced Instagress be sure to continue curating and posting great content. As your growth-automation service drives traffic to your Instagram page, you want to be sure you’re putting your best foot forward to capture all the new users visiting your page.

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